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Benefits of Going on a Treadmill Every Night

Going on a treadmill every night doesn’t seem like a way to seriously improve your health and fitness, but it can be. If you are faithful and commit to 30 minutes on the treadmill every night, you may … [...]

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Best Water Dumbbells to Help You Stay Cool While Getting Ripped

Water dumbbells are awesome! They are lightweight, but designed to work perfectly with water so that the resistance strengthens your muscles. If you have a pool to exercise in and are thinking about … [...]


These 4 Awesome Water Bottles Will Make Hydrating Easy

Vapor Element The Vapor Element is a collapsible bottle that was made using BPA-free materials. The bottle is crafted so that it stands firmly when it is filled up, but can be folded down … [...]

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Stretching Mistakes That Can Leave You Hurting

Stretching everyday can be very good for you and can help to keep you limber and mobile. However, errors can quickly render stretching ineffective and downright painful. To benefit from your stretch … [...]


Arm Stretches You Should Be Doing After Lifting Weights

After lifting weights, it’s important to stretch the arms so that the connective tissue loosens up and allows the muscles to grow. Stretching can help you get the greatest gains from your workout and … [...]

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Stretching at These 3 Times Every Day Will Keep You Flexible and Tension-Free

Stretching can keep you healthy and flexible. Certain types of stretching should be done at different times depending on whether the muscles are warm or cold. Knowing when to do which stretches can … [...]