Disco Meets Drill in Barry’s Bootcamp

We hear the word bootcamp bandied about so readily in the fitness world these days one begins to wonder if it isn’t losing its initial meaning. When bootcamp training classes first began popping up on the workout scene the definition clearly referred to training so hardcore that is deserved, at least a tiny bit, to […]


Schiek Will Help You Lift With Power

In order to work out safely and effectively a person must have the proper equipment. You most certainly wouldn’t go rock climbing without the very best equipment you can find, up in the air hanging off the side of a cliff face isn’t the best time to find out that you shouldn’t have cut corners […]


Workout Buddies Are Essential During Weight Lifting

Most of us learn, as some time or another, that life is a whole lot easier when you have someone by your side. This is not only true of love, but also in friendship, business, you name it – having a buddy is a lot better than going it alone. The same is true when […]

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How to Help Ward off Charley Horses

Muscle spasms and cramps are an unfortunate but somewhat natural part of being an athletic or just an active person. If you’re a runner, a swimmer or even if you just work out on a regular basis, you’ve likely had to deal with leg muscle cramps known as charley horses, and you probably know first-hand […]

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Surf’s Up With Indoor Surfing Classes

A few years back a group of fitness instructors realized that surfers have amazing killer bods. Okay, so that’s not really a huge revelation, we have likely all noticed that surfers tend to be incredibly toned, lean and strong in all the right places, but these particular fitness instructors made the link between surfers’ bodies […]

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La Sportiva Combines a Hiking and Climbing Shoe

A really good running shoe can mean a faster time, more support and a better overall run. But when you’re heading out to hike some especially tough terrain or climb a steep rock face, a good shoe is a whole lot more important and can actually help you avoid injury or even save your life. […]

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Strengthening Your Fingers for Rock Climbing

If I asked you to name the top five spots you’re most concerned about when it comes to strength training I’m willing to bet your fingers wouldn’t leap to mind as one of the top concerns. And yet, if you spend any serious time rock climbing, you know very well that having strong hands and […]


Stretching Your Shoulder Blades to Rid Tension

The back is one of the most commonly injured areas and if you’ve ever been laid up with really bad back pain or an injury such as a pinched nerve or a slipped disc then you know that there are few pains worse in the body. But although the lower back gets a lot of […]


Fun Beach Workouts

The beach is absolutely the perfect place to lay around and do nothing in the summer. But as you lay there, looking around at all of those beautiful beach bodies, you might just find yourself motivated to get up and get some exercise. And if you do that, you’re likely to find that the beach […]

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