foamroller hamstring

New to the Foam Roller? Try One of These 4 Techniques

Foam rollers basically allow you to give yourself your own sports massage. Foam rollers can help to reduce inflammation and promote both flexibility and circulation. A foam roller can be used for … [...]

zumba fun

4 Reasons That I Want to Try Zumba

Zumba is a great fitness idea that combines hard work with a lot of fun…and I haven’t tried it yet. I’ve tried Pilates, yoga, strength training, and many other forms of working out both in classes and … [...]

portable kettlebell

3 Highly Portable Fitness Tools That Will Help You Bring Your Workout with You

Getting into a daily workout routine is fantastic. You know that you are doing something good for yourself and staying healthy. However, when you have to go on the road for work, pleasure, holidays … [...]

butterfly stretch

These 4 Stretches Will Make The Day After Leg Day Suck Less

Seated Static Stretch A seated static stretch can help you to stretch out the muscles in your thighs. To start, sit on the floor. Bend one leg to keep the pressure light on that leg and to get it … [...]

Wall lat stretch

These 5 Wall Stretches Will Make You Feel So Good

Doorway Chest Stretch Stand in a doorway with your arms raised straight out from your sides. Walk forward slowly until your forearms catch on the wall inside the doorway. Continue to walk forward … [...]


Try These 4 Desk Stretches to Keep the Tension at Bay

It’s no secret that sitting at your desk for long hours isn’t good for your health. However, how we sit and what we do when we have a break can make a big difference when it comes to mitigating just … [...]