Do You Have a Strength Training Plan?

We spend a lot of time in this section talking about specific equipment and workout moves that you should be using in your strength training routine. But, if you’re new to the world of strength training, or even if you’ve been training for a while and you want to get more organized and dedicated, then […]

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The Gentle Pull of the 90/90 Neutral Back Stretch

Whether you’re an endurance athlete or you’re a complete novice to your workout routine you understand the importance of stretching or you soon will. When your muscles hurt so badly you can barely move the day after a killer workout you need to learns ways to stretch that will alleviate that pain without injuring yourself. […]


Are You Brave Enough for Boot Camp?

For a whole lot of years people have been heading into gyms and participating in workout routines that are aimed to get them and keep them in shape. Exercise was one thing, designed to be beneficial to your body and overall health, but not something that would drive you until you practically drop. Boot camp, […]


Forget Smart Phones, Now Work out in Smart Clothing

When it comes to fitness machines, you have to admit, it’s a really good time to be alive and fitness conscious. We now live in a world where our workout equipment is programmed with the technological capabilities to be able to monitor our progress and even adjust to help us get the most our of […]


Working Those Leg Machines

There is no doubt that your legs get a heck of a strength training workout while you’re doing the squats and stances that go along with lifting weights to focus on your upper body. But when you want to focus specifically on strengthening those leg muscles, or you want to do some strength training on […]


Stretch Your Back on an Inversion Table

As you’ve probably read in this very section, there are a nearly endless amount of stretches you can do to stretch out your back. There are a lot of reasons to stretch the back as well, and whether you’re stretching after a workout or as part of physical therapy, it’s really important to keep your […]


Flywheel Is a Fun and Challenging Ride

There are certain workouts that are so great and effective because they take a simple, fundamental movement and they turn it into a killer exercise routine. For instance, walking is obviously essential for getting around but also makes a good workout. Jogging is also an effective workout that raises walking to another level. Then marathon […]


Step up Your Workout With a Weighted Vest

We all know that using weights is a great way to increase the intensity of any workout and to burn more calories in a faster, more efficient way. But on days when we’re not lifting weights to train, or if we don’t have time to do both a cardio workout and lift weights, there is […]

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Redefine Strong as a Strength Runner

Some people think of distance running and strength training as two very different disciplines that don’t have very much to do with one another. In fact, many runners think that getting too bulky and muscular by lifting a bunch of weights will leave them less limber and think serious strength training will actually hinder their […]

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