2 Lower Body Workouts for Stronger Extremities

lungesGetting into a routine of working your lower extremities every week will produce fantastic results quicker than you think. Here’s two lower body workouts you can do without worrying about weights or going to the gym.

The Forward Lunge

The forward lunge is difficult but a highly effective way to target the entire area of the lower extremities. Place your left foot forward while standing up straight. Bend the left knee and lift your right heel up. Bend the right back knee and lower the body down. It’s important you do this without lowering your buttocks below the level of the front knee. Your movement should be down and not forward. Complete this workout through three sets of 10.

The Calf Raise

Working out your calves increases strength and agility. These lower leg muscles often get missed in most workouts. Stand your body in a straight position. Your toes should be pointing forward and placed directly under each shoulder. With slow even control, raise your body up on your toes as high as possible and count to 10. Hold this position longer if you possibly can. After counting, slowly bring your heels back to the ground. Complete three sets of 10.

Each of these lower body exercises should be completed in smooth motions and with complete control.


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