Bridge Stretch

Bridge Stretch

Failing to stretch after workouts won’t just cause you increased soreness, it’ll also lengthen the amount of time that it take for your muscles to recover. The bridge stretch outlined below is a great way to stretch multiple muscle groups at the same time. Plus, it requires a certain degree of concentration, which should help keep it a fun part of your post-workout stretch routine. Don’t feel limited to doing this stretch after workouts. Keep it in mind whenever you’re feeling stiffness in your back or legs as well.

Bridge Stretch How-to

Lie down flat on your back with your hands at your sides.

Now draw your feet towards your butt so that your heels practically touch your fingertips and your bent knees point straight up towards the ceiling.

Without putting un-due pressure on your neck, push up with your quads and glutes so that you raise your butt and lower back off of the floor. Your shoulders, arms and feet should be equally balancing your body weight at this point.

If this feels comfortable, stay in this position or slide your hands into the empty space beneath your lifted torso and interlace your fingers.

You should feel a nice stretch through your back but also along the front of your upper legs and torso as well.

For a more advanced and thorough take on this stretch, bring your hands up by your ears, so that they’re facedown and parallel with your head. Your fingers should be pointing away from your toes.

Engage your arms and shoulder muscles as you push upwards, lifting the entirety of your back off of the ground and supporting it with only your feet and hands.

Be sure to come out of this extended bridge stretch slowly and before your arms begin to get too tired.


  1. This stretch makes me so nostalgic for gymnastics class in elementary school!

  2. Omg kyndall yes!! These stretches were my favorite. I used to always kick over and do a little flip.

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