P90x: An Exercise Program That Takes on Muscle Confusion


We live in a world where the next best fitness revolution is always just around the corner. In one sense, this is absolutely a good thing – it means people are constantly pushing for better solutions in combatting obesity and poor health. At the same time though, it can sometimes be difficult to be sure of the purity of the motives of many exercise programs which may market themselves as a magic bullet for bad habits.  That said, P90x has proven itself to be an effective and well-received workout program which works for many people.

How P90x Works

One of the central concepts of P90x is the idea of muscle confusion. According to the P90x philosophy, muscle development will plateau if the same muscles are used in the same way over and over again. By this logic, if you do the same exercises all the time, your muscles will stop responding, a common issue that P90x calls “muscle confusion”. P90x focuses on working different muscle groups each day, and doing so in a variety of ways in order to promote consistent muscle growth and increased strength.

The Verdict

Whether or not you subscribe to the idea of muscle confusion, the workouts in P90x are comprehensive and challenging. Perhaps the true key to success with P90x is the unrelenting nature of the program – rarely are you allowed to take a day off from working out. Additionally, the diversity of the workouts helps to keep mental boredom at bay, limiting the chance of a burnout.  Go ahead, challenge yourself.


  1. I tried it once and it kicked me right in the A.

  2. my cousin did the whole 90 days and he looks soooooo good now!

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