Isometric Exercises

Isometric exercises are a great way to work out, and can be good for both toning and strength training. Isometric exercises focus on building strength in the muscle without moving any joints. Isometric exercises are convenient because they do not require weights or equipment and many can be done outside of the home or gym setting.


Perhaps the most well known isometric exercise is the plank. The plank can be done just about anywhere, as we have seen from the facebook pics and viral videos. It is a simple pose to achieve, but it requires massive core strength to hold for more than a few seconds. To do a plank, lay on the floor on a mat or carpet. Rise up on forearms and toes until back is flat, with legs straight and forearms at a ninety degree angle to upper arms.

Wall Sit

Sitting was never as difficult as when you do not actually have a chair underneath you. A wall sit can be achieved by leaning against a wall, then sliding down until upper and lower legs are at a perfect ninety degree angle, with back flat against the wall and feet flat on the floor.

Hip Adduction

Hip adduction is easiest to do first thing in the morning or right before bed, as a pillow is used. Hip adduction can be done by lying down with back flat on bed or mat, and knees bent. The pillow is placed between the knees, and legs are squeezed tightly together. After a few seconds of squeezing, release gently so that the pillow stays in place. Squeeze again, then release again. Continually do repetitions to work the adductor muscles.


  1. charlotte clair says:

    that does look difficult!

  2. planks kick my butt

  3. the wall sit looks kind of fun, im gonna do that right now

  4. Ouch! That wall sit would kill me after about two seconds.

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