Tommie Copper Clothing Provides Relief From Pain

imagesIf you’ve ever ended up at the gym or away from home without your regular workout clothes and have had to improvise then you know darn well how much it helps to be wearing the right clothing during your workout. If you’re not comfortable in clothes that move with your throughout your workout like a second skin, while staying the heck out of the way, then your entire workout is bound to suffer. And now, thanks to combined advancements in science and fashion, the Tommie Copper company has created clothing that not only feels good while you’re working out, but that actually helps your body get more out of every movement.


Tommie Copper workout clothes are made from fabric that is actually infused with high density copper. This copper fabric releases ions when you move, and this is believed to help reduce the oxidants in the body. The result is workout gear that is actually antibacterial and that helps the skin. In addition to being made with copper infused fabric, every item of Tommie Copper workout gear is designed to have 3D compression. If you’ve never worn a compression item such as a support anklet when you twist your ankle, then you might not understand the difference this support can make. Compression gear provides support for your muscles so they feel relief from soreness throughout your workout. All Tommie Copper clothing, from shirts and leggings to support sleeves, provides compression that helps improve your circulation and send relief to aching muscles. All this gives you a lot more pain free energy so you can get the most out of your workout.


  1. Patrice B says:

    I will have to try some Tommy Copper workout clothes!

  2. I wonder how expensive the clothing is?

  3. seems like it would be uncomfortable, though

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