Use Seated Yoga Poses to Stretch Post Workout

images (5)Yoga is intimidating to a whole lot of people who may not consider themselves to be among the most limber people on the planet. And on the other end of the spectrum, for many people who regularly focus their workouts on cardio and strength building, yoga can seem like so much silly fluff instead of a “real” workout. But, if you’ve ever taken part in a yoga class, you’ll never again question its validity as a “real workout.” If you haven’t done a lot of yoga, seated yoga poses are a fantastic addition to any workout regimen. These poses are easier to master than many of the standing poses that may require balance and a high level of flexibility. But these seated poses are still very effective and are a truly wonderful way to strengthen your core and spine while you stretch.


If you are new to seated yoga poses, you might want to use a folded blanket or pillow to sit on. This will lift your hips and lower your knees, which will help you get a deeper stretch in your legs, hips and pelvis. Staff pose is the fundamental seated pose. You sit with your legs straight out in front of you, legs together, and toes pointed up to the ceiling. You press your bottom down onto the mat while straightening your back and lifting and elongating your spine. From this pose you can learn all sorts of poses. Vajrasana is a kneeling pose where you rest your bottom on your feet or on a pillow between your bottom and feet. Cobbler’s Pose is a wonderful way to stretch your hips by sitting and placing the soles of your feet flat against each other and pulled as close to you as possible. Then you gently push your knees toward the floor, stretching your hips. These are just a few of the many seated yoga poses you can explore.


  1. Maria Gonzalez says:

    I do that Cobbler’s pose all the time, I had no idea it was a real yoga pose!

  2. Maybe these would help with my posture

  3. Kristina Gilbert says:

    I love to practice Yoga!!!!!!

  4. I love doing yoga, especially as a post stretch to any workout. One thing to keep in mind would be to make sure you have the proper mat in place when performing these exercises. It can help prevent injury and can make the workout more enjoyable. Thanks for sharing!

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