21 Day Fix by Beach Body

21-day-fixThere are many ways to get in shape, but for those that would like a little boost and guidance, there is 21 Day Fix. Unlike most fitness plans, 21 Day Fix uses a combination of both diet and exercise to help users achieve their goals. This plan is very popular because of the limited amount of time-just 21 days-that users participate in the program. The program has also increased in popularity as users have seen results in the short time frame.

Eating Plan

When users purchase the 21 Day Fix, the program comes with a nutrition manual, containers for food portioning, and exercise DVDs. The portion containers are different colors that help to distinguish what goes in each container. For example, the green container is for vegetables and the red container is for meats and proteins. In the nutrition manual, there are recommended fillers for each container. Users of the program discern how many of each container should be eaten daily based on weight and nutritional needs, and track how many containers are eaten daily on convenient charts. If users hope to lose weight, calories are calculated at a deficit.

Exercise Plan

The exercise plan is only 30 minutes each day for the 21 days. There are 7 different workouts that are rotated by the day of the week to give users the best muscle tone in all areas of the body. For additional help with abs, a 10 minutes ab workout is included that can be done in addition to the 30 minute daily workouts. For the last week of the program, it is recommended that users do 2 of the 30 minute workouts each day to maximize results, but this is optional. After finishing the 21 day program, many users go on to do another cycle of the program.



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