3 Highly Portable Fitness Tools That Will Help You Bring Your Workout with You

Getting into a daily workout routine is fantastic. You know that you are doing something good for yourself and staying healthy. However, when you have to go on the road for work, pleasure, holidays with family, or the like, it can upset your routine. Interrupting your daily fitness routine can make you immediately feel less energetic and can make it more difficult to get back to, even when your travels are done. Try working out with these portable tools so that you can take your workout with you.

XBar Portable Gym

xbar portable gym

The XBar Portable Gym comes with resistance bands that give you between five and 13 pounds of resistance. There is a bar that you can use for stability when doing mountain climbers and many other workouts. There is a door anchor that can be used to anchor the resistance bands to a door so that you can do rows and many other exercises. Over 100 different exercises can be done using the system. The set packs down to be less than 10 pounds and about 34 inches.

Portable Kettlebell

portable kettlebell

If the kettlebell is your weapon of choice, a portable kettlebell is just what you need for your next trip out of town. A portable kettlebell is shaped much like a regular kettlebell, but is made of fabric and has a fabric handle for easy storage and portability. To use the kettlebell, you simply have to fill it up with water, sand, rocks, or any other weighty materials that you have readily at hand. They are easy to clean and can be filled to different weights for different kinds of exercises.

Gliding Disks

gliding disks

Gliding disks are small and lightweight, so they are perfectly portable. They are also fun to use, adding a motivational element to your out-of-town workout. The disks allow you to glide smoothly across the floor, no matter whether it is smooth or carpeted. This allows smoother, fluid movements.

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