3 Low-Impact Cardio Moves to Help Beginners Get Fit

When you are first starting out exercising, it can seem like you have a monumental hill to climb. Regular workouts can set you up for disaster, as you still have to go to work and actually function the next day, in spite of the bone-deep soreness. Instead of kicking your own butt with workouts, try some low impact moves like the following to get yourself up to speed so you’re not in such rough shape that you give up on the whole endeavor.

Static Squats with Punches

static squats with punches

Start by squatting just slightly and punching forward, rotating slightly as you do. Come up from the squat after each set. As you build up strength, add weights to your punches. Make sure to maintain a smooth, slow motion, though. Speeding up your punches can cause injury.

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