3 Reasons You Need to Try Starting Each Day with a Sun Salutation

The sun salutation is a series of yoga poses that flow together seamlessly to stretch and warm many of the different muscles of the body. Many practitioners have said that doing sun salutations in the morning has helped them in countless ways. The magic number seems to be three sun salutations, which will only take about 15 minutes to do. Here are a few reasons you need to try starting your days with sun salutations, preferably when the sun is actually coming up.

The Sun Salutation Is Gentle

sun salutation

While exercising in the morning can be energizing, no one really wants to wake up and have to slam their body around right off the bat. The sun salutation is gentle enough to get you slowly warmed up and invigorated so that you will be prepared for whatever comes next. The gently flowing stretches feel wonderful on your joints and muscles. The stretching can also help you to become aware of any body aches early in the day, before demands are placed on that area.

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