3 Simple Neck Stretches to Stop the Headaches

Many people deal with headaches on a daily basis. While headaches can have many different causes, sometimes all it takes is a simple neck stretch to alleviate the tension and get rid of the headache. If you are suffering from a headache, it is worth trying one of these simple neck stretches to see if the pain subsides.

Lateral Flexion

lateral flexion

Sit up very straight in a chair and breathe deeply to start this neck stretch. Slowly lower your right ear to your right shoulder. Only hold the pose for a few seconds, then slowly begin to raise your head back to a centered position. Slowly lower your left ear to your left shoulder. As before, return to a centered position after a few seconds. Performing the slow, controlled movements while breathing deeply may help to calm you, which may also help to relieve tension and cause the headache to dissipate.

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