3 Types of Exercise Equipment That Can Cure Your Workout Boredom


Most workout equipment conforms to a boring norm. Ellipticals, treadmills, weight benches, and dumbbells are all standard home equipment. *Yawn* If you are getting bored of your workout equipment, try one of these awesome machines:

Osim Curve


The Osim Curve is a very sci-fi looking piece of equipment that kind of resembles a big cartoon smile. The curved exercise bench can seat one or two people for even more fun. A projector inside the bench displays a read out on the floor that participants have to lean over to touch. The moves are similar to twister, but the bench adds an even better element. When not in use, the bench can be flipped over to become a place to lounge.

Ab Solo


The Ab Solo combines weighted crunches with basketball to make ab toning awesome. The machine has a comfortable seat that extends back to the crunch position, with foot rests to hold you in place. The machine can be adjusted.

In front of the machine is a basketball hoop of sorts with a holding area to pick the ball up from. To do weighted crunches, you pick up the medicine ball and lean back. As you lean back, you position yourself to shoot the ball and hit the target. Score is kept on the side.



The Treadwall is a rock wall for your home. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, as it fits pretty snuggly to a wall. There are 190 hold placements and tons of different ways to use it to work out. You can adjust the wall to different angles to make the climb more or less challenging. Climbing the wall naturally works your abs without the tedium of crunches and helps you to build agility as well as arm and leg strength.

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