3 Ways To Use a Jump Rope to Beef Up Your Workout

Jump ropes can add an extra element to your workout and help you to torch calories. Jump ropes can be purchased for much less than most fitness equipment and can be taken with you anywhere you go, making this a great alternative for fitness connoisseurs looking to save a dime or take their workout on the road. Instead of just skipping over the rope, though, the following are a few moves that can really give your workout a boost.

Jump Rope Jacks


Jump rope jacks combine the legs of jumping jacks and the arms of jumping rope. Simply hop over the jump rope like you normally would and split your legs like a jumping jack on the way back down. The jump rope makes you add a little speed to your jumping jacks and the split legs adds a little balance and rhythm to your workout. You may also feel a little extra burn in your legs.

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