3 Workouts to Tone and Strengthen the Arms

bent-over-rowArm workouts can give both men and women strength and tone. Arm workouts are some of the most popular kind of workouts, and gyms and fitness centers definitely cater to this popularity. There is no need to go to a gym just to work the arms, though, as there are tons of different kinds of workouts that can be done at home. Some do not even require equipment, although equipment may help to speed progress and develop larger muscles if desired. Below are a few arm workouts that will help to build strength and definition.

Plank Exercise

While the plank is known for being a great all-over workout, it builds incredible strength in the wrists, biceps, and shoulders as the pose is held. To use this exercise effectively without getting bored, the plank should be done for about one minute each time, with various other exercises rotated into the workout. After working the plank into the workout routines, many will begin to notice the definition in the arms as well as the core.

Triceps Extension

To target the triceps, triceps extensions can be done. These can be done while sitting or standing. Dumb bells, a cable machine, or a triceps extension machine can be used to do triceps extensions. To do triceps extensions, the weights should simply be lifted over the head and then lowered down. Doing repetitions until burnout will help to maximize the benefits of this workout.

Bent-Over Row

One or two dumb bells can be used to perform bent-over rows. To begin, the weight or weights should be held to the side of the body and the person should bend over. The weights should be lifted up in a rowing motion to the shoulders, and then lowered back down. This exercise works the biceps, forearms, traps, and rear deltoids, so the lesser used muscles may be very sore after doing this workout. It may be wise to do short repetitions of bent-over rows until the body adjusts to the workout and the muscles become stronger.

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