30 Minute At-Home Cardio Workout Burns Calories Fast


Getting up to a gym and spending hours there can be very difficult for those that work full time and have a family. Even doing a very long workout at home can be daunting, and may deter you from actually getting your exercise in for the day. Doing a 30 minute workout at home, however, might just be the sweet spot. 30 minutes of cardio is more than enough to get your heart pumping and help you torch some calories, so when your time is limited, string these exercises together and watch the fat melt away.

Jumping Jacks

Good old jumping jacks are the perfect way to start out a workout. Low impact but vigorous, jumping jacks will help you to warm up and get you on your way to burning calories. Make sure to bring your arms straight up over your head and jump energetically every single time. Do these for two minutes to start off.

Dancing Squats

Dancing squats are similar to regular squats in burn and targeted muscles, but keep you moving a little more fluidly. To start, stand with your right foot forward and a five to ten pound weight in your left hand, held by the end. Squat and touch the weight to the floor as you lift your right hand. Stand, lift your left knee, and touch your right hand to your left knee. Swing the left foot back and touch the left foot with the right hand behind your body. Switch sides and repeat. Do about 25 reps.

Line Hops

Stretch out a rope and hop from side to side quickly to do line hops. To move this exercise along, you can make progress down the rope, then turn and jump back. Do line hops for about two minutes to get the heart rate climbing.

Mountain Climbers

Drop down to the ground and assume the high plank position to start mountain climbers. Bring each knee up to your chest slowly until you find your form with your back flat. Move faster as you get used to the exercise. Do mountain climbers for about one minute, then repeat all exercises in the sequence.

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