4 Ways to Use Playground Equipment to Work Out

Playgrounds are a great make-shift gym if you want to work out outdoors or even if you simply want to save a few bucks. If you have kids and spend a lot of time at the playground, using the playground to work out is even more convenient, though of course you should always be sure to keep your kids in sight. The following are a few simple ways to use common playground equipment to work out.

Monkey Bar Pull-Ups

monkey bar pull ups

Monkey bars for pull-ups is sort of an obvious choice, since it’s not too far from their original intended use. Just bend your knees so that you can lower all the way down and pull yourself up. Get an even better workout by keeping your muscles flexed and not lowering your body down all the way.

Swing Knee Tuck

swing knee tucks

A swing knee tuck is a variation on a plank that is made more interesting with the use of a swing. Start off crouching about two feet in front of a swing and balance on your hands while you put each foot up on the swing. Walk yourself into the high plank position. Pull your knees in to your chest while engaging your core, and then extend your feet back. Repeat several times.

Slide Decline Sit-Ups

slide decline sit ups

Sit at the bottom of the slide with your legs extending up the slide. Do a sit-up, feeling the difference in resistance caused by the odd angle. Repeat until exhaustion to get a great core workout.

Bench Assisted Lunges

bench assisted lunges

Hold onto the back of a bench for support and assume a wide straddle stance. Bend one leg to move forward into the lunge position and drop the other knee towards the ground. Come back up quickly and drop down again. Repeat several times, and then switch sides.

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