A Great Leg Lift Lower Body Workout

If you’re looking for a great lower body workout, here’s a simple leg lift routine that will help you get those great abs that you really want:

Step 1To start with, lay somewhere comfortable on a mat or just on your floor, completely flat on yourback. Put your hands behind your head and keep your upper body stationary throughout the workout.Step 2 

Keep your legs straight as you lift them straight off the ground and over your torso, trying to fold yourself up like closing a book. Don’t force it, just bring your legs up and over as far as they’ll comfortably go.

Step 3

Drop your legs back down being sure not to touch the floor with your heels, and then do the same move as before, but this time swinging your legs to the right and then back down.

Step 4

Repeat, bringing your legs to the left this time, and then start again from step 2.

To get the most out of this routine, perform it quickly without bending your knees, and combine it with plenty of walking and running to burn fat.

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