Ab Exercises

Those who are aware that exercise is essential for a healthy body will incorporate various exercises to target specific body areas. The abdominal muscles require an abs exercise in order to strengthen and tone the abdominal muscles. If there is notable fat over the abdominal muscles, abd exercises is not going to get rid of this excess fat. One can develop their abd muscles, yet no one would ever know because of the overlaying fat.

There are many different types of abd exercises and they all work well. One of the oldest types of abd exercises that are a good exercise for the beginner and advanced exercise enthusiast is the plain and simple sit-up. Sit-ups can be done anywhere. One does not have to have expensive gym equipment or buy into a gym membership to do these exercises and they have proven success. However, if the person has a slant board to do sit-ups on it will help to create more resistance in the abdominal area, thus enhancing the abd exercises. 

When doing sit-ups make sure that the heels stay flush with the floor or slant board. Do not raise the heels off the floor. This creates more resistance through the abdominal area.

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