Ab Workout Tips to Keep Your Belly Tight


Keeping a tight tummy after you’ve achieved your six pack can be challenging. Doing endless crunches and eating nothing but salad make life boring and often aren’t actually all that effective in the long run. Instead of torturing yourself, follow these ab workout tips and keep it tight.

Engage Your Pelvic Floor

When you are doing ab workouts, your belly button should be pulled in towards your back as far as possible. This will help to tighten the muscles and bring them in and up. If your stomach is pushing out while you are doing crunches or sit-ups, your pelvic floor is not engaged.

Work the abs Every Other Day

The abs, like most muscle groups, respond best when they are worked hard and then a day of rest is taken in between. Continuing to work your abs every single day will result in less progress, which can be frustrating. Your abs should feel sore however, or it may mean that you’re not working them hard enough.

Vary the Workouts

Doing the same workouts over and over will never yield the most favorable results. Vary ab workouts to continue to see progress as slightly different muscles are worked.

Don’t Worry About Upper versus Lower Abs

The abs are one sheet of muscle, so working one area doesn’t necessarily mean that another area is not working. Focusing on doing a mix of ab exercises in different positions, rather than worrying about working only specific parts, will help to keep all parts of your abs strong and firm.

Mix Ab Workouts with Cardio

Ab workouts will help to tone, but they will not blast fat the same way that cardio will. For best results, do 45 minutes of cardio 2-3 times a week and do ab exercises every other day.

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