Stretching Mistakes That Can Leave You Hurting

Stretching everyday can be very good for you and can help to keep you limber and mobile. However, errors can quickly render stretching ineffective and downright painful. To benefit from your stretch and not pay for it the next day, avoid the following mistakes. Stretching Before a Workout There is a common misconception that you […]

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Strength Training Mistakes That you’re Probably Making

Not Warming Up Before Getting Started Warming up is essential before lifting weights. Lifting weights while your muscles are cold is a recipe for injury and will not allow you to get the most from your workout. Taking just five minutes to do some dynamic stretches, jumping jacks, and windmills will get you ready to […]

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3 Tips for Toning Up Instead of Bulking Up

Toning helps us to get fitter and leaner, while bulking up adds mass in the form of muscle to our bodies. When you set out to get fit, your fitness regimen may look very different depending on which you wish to do. Since many fitness columns are geared towards bilking up, this one specifies what […]

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