Promote Relaxation with Stretching

We often think of stretching as simply the prelude to a workout or as part of the cool down routine after a workout. Stretching is helpful in both of those scenarios, but stretching can also be fantastic all on its own. Stretching can help to ease muscle tension, which can promote relation. Being more relaxed […]

Intense Full-Body Ten-Minute Workout

There is no need to find hours to devote to the gym or even a half an hour to get a full workout in. By raising the intensity of the workout, you can get all the results you need in just a ten-minute high intensity workout blast. This is the perfect workout for busy people […]

Don’t Skip Leg Day!

Ah, the dreaded leg day, when you suddenly turn your legs to jelly for the rest of the week. After an intense leg day a few weeks in a row, it can be tempting to skip leg day. However, the internet will warn you of the dangers of skipping leg day with a few hilarious […]