Sip These Beverages Before Your Strength Training Session

Exercising on a completely empty stomach is not great for your muscles and can affect your metabolism, slowing down the burn of calories. However, going to the gym on a full stomach can be uncomfortable and embarrassing and may hinder your progress. Waiting the exact perfect amount of time to go after a meal can […]

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Common Myths about Stretching That You Should Ignore

Stretching is viewed as a sacred practice by some and an unnecessary time waster by others. Since these two camps are world apart, there are often myths flurrying around stretching that support the claim that stretching is one or the other. The following myths and the truth surrounding them may help you to get a […]

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Workout Challenges That Can Tone You Up in 30 Days

30 days is a time frame that is often used for fitness challenges because it is believed that it takes 30 days to form or break a habit. Fortunately, after 30 days you will begin to see progress with many types of challenges. This may increase your motivation and make it easier to power through […]

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