Benefits of Going on a Treadmill Every Night

Going on a treadmill every night doesn’t seem like a way to seriously improve your health and fitness, but it can be. If you are faithful and commit to 30 minutes on the treadmill every night, you may reap some surprising benefits. If you have a treadmill sitting in the corner collecting dust, the following […]

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Tried and True Strength Building Tactics That You Need In Your Life

Stick with the Basics The basic workouts that have been pushed again and again as being imperative – the deadlift, squat, bench press, shoulder press, and pushup have stuck around for a reason. These exercises help you to increase strength faster than others and give you a full body workout that can keep your systems […]

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Arm Stretches You Should Be Doing After Lifting Weights

After lifting weights, it’s important to stretch the arms so that the connective tissue loosens up and allows the muscles to grow. Stretching can help you get the greatest gains from your workout and can keep you from feeling sore the next day. Stretching will help the blood and oxygen to flow more freely through […]

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