Best Water Dumbbells to Help You Stay Cool While Getting Ripped

Water dumbbells are awesome! They are lightweight, but designed to work perfectly with water so that the resistance strengthens your muscles. If you have a pool to exercise in and are thinking about getting some water dumbbells, the following are some of your best options. Theraband Aquatic Exercise Dumbbells Theraband aquatic dumbbells are made with […]

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Take Your Workout to the Pool with These Intense Exercises

Double Leg Lift Leg lifts in the pool target your lower abs, hips, and every part of your legs. To start, stand or tread water by the edge of the pool. Place both arms on the pool ledge, holding your arms straight out to the sides. Completely lower your legs until they are in line […]

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These 4 Awesome Water Bottles Will Make Hydrating Easy

Vapor Element The Vapor Element is a collapsible bottle that was made using BPA-free materials. The bottle is crafted so that it stands firmly when it is filled up, but can be folded down completely when it is empty to take up very little room. The carabiner clips the bottle closed so that you don’t […]

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