Awesome Ways to Use Your Spiralizer to Transform Your Eating Habits

Spiralizers are all the rage right now and if you haven’t gotten one yet, you probably don’t understand it. Spiralizers are one of those kitchen appliances that you can either leave sitting in the box and taking up valuable kitchen real estate or you can let totally transform your life in satisfying and wonderful ways. If you hope to do the latter, this blog’s for you.

Spiralize Apples

spiralize apples

Apples are a tasty fruit that you have probably eaten at least a million of since you first cut teeth. Spiralizing them gives you a radical new way to eat them. Best of all, spiralizing them is really easy because of the core that makes every other preparation more difficult. Depending on your spiralizer, the core may make a perfect base for the appliance to grasp while it creates delightful tangles of apple. Eat these just as they are or lightly fry them in coconut oil and dust them with cinnamon for an amazing snack.

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