Back to School Stretches


While sitting all day is a known drawback to having an office job, office workers are not the only ones that are forced to sit for long hours and begin to experience the cramping and muscle stiffness that goes along with this. Students that are now going back to school all across the country are about to begin experiencing the plight of the office worker-if action is not taken. Fortunately, doing a few stretching exercises in between classes, before, and after school can help to keep the joints and muscles loose and limber.

Neck and shoulder Stretch

Working at a keyboard or focusing on a black board often causes us to hunch forward, which can strain the spine and stiffen the shoulders. Standing up, interlocking your fingers behind you so that your palms face, and lifting our arms and shoulders to deepen the stretch can help to loosen the muscle and prevent cramping. Bring your chin down while doing the stretch so that your neck doesn’t get crunched.

Lower Back Stretch

When we sit for too long, we often unintentionally round our spines. To counter this posture, lie on your stomach on a mat with your legs lifted slightly off the floor. Lace your hands together behind your neck and lift your chin to look ahead. Lift your torso by flexing the muscles in your back, then lower back down. Complement the stretch by bending your knees and sinking back onto your heels with your forehead to the floor.

Hip Flexor Stretch

The hip flexors often become especially tight after sitting all day. To stretch them, kneel on the floor with your torso straight and upright and your skins and the tops of your feet touching the floor. Pick up your left foot and bring it forward, placing your foot flat on the ground with your knee at 90 degrees. Keep your hips horizontally aligned and move your torso forward, allowing the knee to glide forward with you. Hold for several seconds, and then switch sides.

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