Can a Hoverboard Help Shape Your Abs?


One of this year’s most popular gifts is a hoverboard. There are a few different kinds and tons of different brands. Though none of them actually hover “Back-to the Future” style, they keep riders elevated and use motorized wheels to keep the machines zipping along effortlessly. Well, almost effortlessly. While the boards do not require the traditional kick-start of skateboards, they do require riders to hold their cores steady and use movements to control the movements of the boards.

Hands-Free Segway

While a specific name hasn’t been agreed upon yet, the most popular hoverboard model looks like a hands-free Segway. The boards have two large wheels that run width-wise, so riders stand with both feet facing in the same direction of the wheels. The boards can be controlled by shifting weight forward or backward. Corners may take some time to negotiate at first, but require control and precise body-shifting.

Hands-free Segways run about $200 to $1000 right now, though some of the lower-priced models have had issues with exploding batteries and other problems. For best results, select a higher quality model that has been around for a little while. It the hover board becomes an item that is used daily, it can complement your other workouts and help you to tighten your core and back muscles.

Hoverboard Brand

The brand Hoverboard has come up with a futuristic skateboard that can help to give you a great workout while zipping you from one place to another. This board has only one single, thin, large wheel that is situated right through the center of the board and runs lengthwise. Riders stand with feet widthwise on the board, but slightly angled toward the front. Riders balance so that the wheel is the only thing touching the ground and a motor carries the board forward. This type of board takes a little balance and helps to strengthen the posture muscles.

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