Cardio: Burning fat and building endurance

Cardio is a key figure in not only helping to burn your bodies extra fat, but in increasing your bodies overall endurance and conditioning. Many people jump right into cardio by running, however a much healthier and safer alternative for beginners is walking.

Walking has many of the same benefits as running, but eases a novice into an active lifestyle. With walking you allow your body to build muscle at a normal pace, while letting your lungs and endurance build at an equal rate. With walking you also putt less stress and pressure on key muscles, and bones that may be underdeveloped due to an inactive lifestyle. 

By choosing walking, instead of running, you ease your body into a new lifestyle and greatly decrease the chance for injury. With less chance of injury you can be rest assured that you can continue to build your muscle and endurance without putting your body at an increased risk.

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