Cardio-Jog to Stairs

I just started a new cardio workout and the results are amazing. You can perform this workout in your gym or outside, whichever you prefer.

Do some light stretching before hand to make sure you do not pull anything. Start your workout by doing some light jogging or fast walking for about 5-8 minutes. Then run up some stairs. Either on the stepper at the gym or at a bleacher near a school by. After you run the steps go back to a light jog for about another 10 minutes. Do a cool down for about 3 minutes, staying at a nice easy pace. After the time is up go back to running the stairs for another 3-5 minutes. When finished with the stairs go for a 5-minute jog and then a 5-minute quick walk. 

Keep the blood flowing and jog for another 5 minutes to conclude the workout. When finished make sure to stretch again so you do not tighten up. It is not a good idea to eat before or immediately after the workout. Have water before and after and wait about 20 minutes to eat something. When you eat afterward it is also not good just to lie down afterward or sit. It is better to stay active.

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