Cardio Workout for Fat Loss and Muscle Tone


It’s springtime, and many people are worried about the more revealing fashions which this season brings to the fore. If you’re worried about fitting into last year’s swimsuit, or are even just worried about heart health, it’s important that you do an adequate amount of cardio.

Incorporating cardio into your workout can be the difference between just building muscle mass and actually seeing those muscles clearly. Although working with weights is a great way to increase muscle strength and bulk, cardio is equally important to achieving a ripped physique. Cardio exercises force your body to expend a lot of calories. And in order to drop fat, you have to give your body a reason to use it as fuel.

Cardio Workout Outline

Here’s a brief outline of what a good cardio workout can look like. Obviously, there’s more than one way to get in cardio and burn calories. The main principles are simple: stay moving and keep your heart rate up, but without wearing yourself out in 20 minutes.

Start out by jogging a mile on the treadmill. Take it at a moderate pace.

Now move on to three miles on a stationary bike. Make sure your pedaling cadence stays steady. Also be sure that you set the bike to a low resistance level.

Now that you’re significantly warmed up and have used all of the major muscles in your lower body, move on to an exercise which works the larger muscles of the upper body. Consider putting in some core work or perhaps several series of half-pushups from a kneeling position. The key is to make sure you don’t wear out your muscles – the main muscle you want to work in a cardio workout is your heart!

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