Cardio Workouts

There are plenty of great cardio workouts, and there are a few things that will affect any activity that is chosen. Finding a routine that increases the heart rate is essential. The heart rate needs to be elevated for at least 20 minutes, and experts recommend that exercise is done at least three days a week. Here are a few cardio exercises that are easy for anyone to do.

1. Walking: Walking is one of the best cardio exercises. It requires no special equipment and can be done at any time. The only thing that is needed is a pair of comfortable shoes and a few minutes of spare time. The speed and length of the exercise can easily be adjusted to meet the needs of individuals. 

2. Swimming: Swimming is a great exercise to add to a regular routine. This activity is perfect for anyone and can be done at local gyms and health clubs. The water takes the stress off of the joints and makes swimming a great choice for people with bad knees.

3. Jogging: Jogging is another great cardio exercise. There are plenty of ways for anyone to run, and taking part in community events is one way to keep things interesting.

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