3 Best Water Fitness Trackers To Make This Your Fittest Summer Yet

It’s the perfect time of year to hit the pool, but with the right moves you can turn your refreshing dip into an integral part of your fitness routine. These fitness trackers are made for the water and may be just what you need to have your fittest summer yet. Garmin Vivoactive The Garmin Vivoactive […]

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Is Your Body Begging for a Diet Change?

Check out Is Your Body Begging for a Diet Change? by Fitness Connoisseur at Mode

Before Trying Shakeology, You Should Know These 4 Things

If you are trying to eat healthy and exercise, you may have stumbled across Shakeology. Shakeology is touted as being a nutrient dense and healthy supplement to any diet. Before trying Shakeology, however, here are a few things you should know: Shakeology Is Really Expensive Shakeology costs a lot of money up front. One bag […]

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