Common Myths about Stretching That You Should Ignore

Stretching is viewed as a sacred practice by some and an unnecessary time waster by others. Since these two camps are world apart, there are often myths flurrying around stretching that support the claim that stretching is one or the other. The following myths and the truth surrounding them may help you to get a […]

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Stretching Mistakes That Can Leave You Hurting

Stretching everyday can be very good for you and can help to keep you limber and mobile. However, errors can quickly render stretching ineffective and downright painful. To benefit from your stretch and not pay for it the next day, avoid the following mistakes. Stretching Before a Workout There is a common misconception that you […]

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Arm Stretches You Should Be Doing After Lifting Weights

After lifting weights, it’s important to stretch the arms so that the connective tissue loosens up and allows the muscles to grow. Stretching can help you get the greatest gains from your workout and can keep you from feeling sore the next day. Stretching will help the blood and oxygen to flow more freely through […]

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