Connect with Nature by Doing These 4 Stretches at the Beach

The beach is a wonderful place to relax and reconnect with nature. After swimming or doing other light activities, stretching can make you feel wonderful and can help clear your mind. Doing these four poses can help make a beach day just a little more perfect. Warrior II Pose Warrior II pose is a combination […]

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Try These 3 Hip Stretches To Stay Pain Free and Flexible

Hip mobility is important, because when your hips are weak, your body shifts more weight to your lower back. This can cause pain and issues. You may also have a hard time doing movements that should come very easily. Hips can tighten up over time if they are not stretched regularly. To keep yourself flexible […]

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These 4 Foot Stretches Can Help You Stay On Your Feet

Our feet are the platform from which we face the world, but we rarely think about strengthening and stretching them. Failure to take proper care of our feet can affect us in terrible ways as we age, leaving us immobilized. In addition to keeping them moisturized and regularly taking steps to keep our toenails trimmed […]

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