Take Your Workout to the Pool with These Intense Exercises

Double Leg Lift Leg lifts in the pool target your lower abs, hips, and every part of your legs. To start, stand or tread water by the edge of the pool. Place both arms on the pool ledge, holding your arms straight out to the sides. Completely lower your legs until they are in line […]

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3 Tips for Toning Up Instead of Bulking Up

Toning helps us to get fitter and leaner, while bulking up adds mass in the form of muscle to our bodies. When you set out to get fit, your fitness regimen may look very different depending on which you wish to do. Since many fitness columns are geared towards bilking up, this one specifies what […]

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What It Really Takes to Get Washboard Abs

Check out What It Really Takes to Get Washboard Abs by Fitness Connoisseur at Mode