Fun Beach Workouts

The beach is absolutely the perfect place to lay around and do nothing in the summer. But as you lay there, looking around at all of those beautiful beach bodies, you might just find yourself motivated to get up and get some exercise. And if you do that, you’re likely to find that the beach […]

Surf’s Up With Indoor Surfing Classes

A few years back a group of fitness instructors realized that surfers have amazing killer bods. Okay, so that’s not really a huge revelation, we have likely all noticed that surfers tend to be incredibly toned, lean and strong in all the right places, but these particular fitness instructors made the link between surfers’ bodies […]

Disco Meets Drill in Barry’s Bootcamp

We hear the word bootcamp bandied about so readily in the fitness world these days one begins to wonder if it isn’t losing its initial meaning. When bootcamp training classes first began popping up on the workout scene the definition clearly referred to training so hardcore that is deserved, at least a tiny bit, to […]