Chest Broadening Workout


For many Fitness Connoisseurs, the chest is a real target area. This is especially true of the male demographic. Many people are interested in increasing their upper body strength, but the chest area is often of particular interest. Luckily, the muscle groups in the chest are large and easily targeted. You may quickly see progress if you try this chest broadening workout. But remember – seeing progress is only half the battle. This set of exercises will also help you to actually feel stronger. At the end of the day, which would you rather – to look strong and be weak or look average and be strong? We thought so.

Chest Broadening Exercises

Begin by dropping down onto the floor in a plank position. Take your arms wide and do as many wide arm pushups as you can until you’re exhausted. Good! Now get up.

Grab a dumbbell and a weight bench or chair. Lean over and support yourself with one hand on the weight bench. Now do dumbbell rows with the other arm. Switch sides after ten reps. This exercise will work the muscles in your upper back and open up your posture in general, broadening your chest just through posture.

Now lay down on the weight bench, one dumbbell in each hand. Keeping your arms a bit bent at the elbow, bring the dumbbells up so that they meet above your head. Slowly lower them back down to the start position, out to the sides of your shoulders and on the same plane as the rest of your body.

Nice. Now do three more sets. Get Broad!

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