Core Strengthening Machines for the Home


Purchasing a machine for your home may just help motivate you to do some core workouts while you watch television or in between home chores. Core workout machines can be more fun than doing crunches or other isometrics. Keeping the machine in a highly visible place may also remind you and help inspire you to work out more often. The following are a few different kinds of machines that may help you on your way.

Wonder Core Smart

This machine can help you to strengthen your abs and obliques using six different exercises. The machine can add about 45 pounds of resistance, providing all of the weight you need to really strengthen your core. The machine faces forward, so it can be easily used while watching television. The Wonder Core also folds flat, making it easy to store and pull out when you need it. At $100, the Wonder Core Smart is also highly affordable when compared to workout programs, gym memberships, and other types of home fitness equipment.

Stamina X Hyper Ab Bench

The Stamina X can be adjusted in many different ways to support several different back and ab exercises. The machine can be used with or without weights depending on your fitness level and goals. The bench has padded footrests, back rests and foam rollers to make your workout comfortable and safe. The bench folds down for easy storage and also costs $100.

Rodeo Core Exerciser

The Rodeo core exerciser is fun and easy to use, but is a little pricier at $250. The machine simulates horseback riding, helping you to tone and strengthen your core. The machine boasts progress with just 10 minutes a day, but can only be used in one way. This machine works very well with watching television and may not even feel like much work at all to obtain results.

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