Create a Custom Swim Routine

images (2)Has your running workout routine left you sore and more than a little tired of ailments such as shin splints, overshocked knees and a myriad of foot problems such as bunions, fallen arches and plantar fasciitis? Well then, why not ditch the dirt (and pavement) and take to the pool instead? Swimming is a wonderful form or exercise with practically no impact whatsoever on the joints and, when done correctly, a whole lot of tough workout for the muscles. Whether you’re a beginning swimmer or a pro in the pool, you can find a swimming routine that gives you a killer cardio workout while simultaneously working all of your muscle groups, often in deeper ways than you can with weights or other strength training workouts.


Like most other workouts these days, when it comes to an effective aquatic routine, it’s more about interval training and drills than it is simply swimming leisurely laps.  To get in a great cardio workout you can use the length of the pool the same way you would use a stretch of running track to work your way up to some serious sprinting action. Knowing that 2 lengths of a standard pool is 50 yards, you can use that info to create some cardio interval challenges. Warm up with 50 or 100 yards done at a slow pace, then kick things up with 3, 4 or 5 X 50 yard challenges that you swim at a faster pace. For some strength training in the pool you can use a kickboard or fins to add some resistance and work your muscle groups.

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