DIY Boot Camp Exercises

download (2)Boot camp workouts are still as popular as they have been for the past couple years and it isn’t hard to figure out why. These grueling, demanding workouts challenge their participants in new and fun ways and, best of all, they burn a ton of calories and simply get results. But if you are unable to get to a gym or to work with a trainer because you live too far away or you’re too busy, never fear. You can set up your very own boot camp in the comfort of your own home. All you need is a watch with a second hand, a yoga mat and a towel. Then create four or five 10-15 minute intervals comprised of some of your favorite exercises. Each interval should include some cardio, at least one strength exercise and one core exercise. Mix and match some of these and other favorites any way you want. Rest for 30 seconds between each interval.


Cardio Boot Camp Exercises

Begin your first interval by jogging for 30 seconds. Then you might want to run some quick sprints from the mat to the towel and back again. Then try the Frankenstein walk where you walk back and forth, kicking out your legs alternately and trying to touch your toes. Run back and forth from the towel to the mat doing back kicks. Mogul jumps are a great cardio challenge to include in a later interval section. Roll up your towel and jump from one side of it to the other with both feet. Repeat this 30 seconds, jog in place for 30 seconds, then do 30 more seconds of mogul jumps.


Strength Boot Camp Exercises

1, 2, 3 pushups are a good way to start your strength workout portion of any interval. Do five regular pushups with hands less than shoulder width apart. Then widen hands to shoulder width and do five more pushups. Widen hands yet again and do five more. For Plank Jack, begin in plank position, balanced on your toes and forearms. Begin with your feet together, then jump your feet apart, then back together. Finally, for Tree Hugger, place your hands against a tree and walk back a few steps, leaning your weight against the tree. With your body at an angle and your legs safely back, begin running fast for 30 seconds, lifting your knees high.


Core Boot Camp Exercises

Do some squats with your core squeezed tight. When you’re down in a deep squat, touch your ankles with your hands. Squeeze your glutes tight as you raise back up. Lunges are another fantastic core exercise to include in each interval. For power lunges, do a regular lunge, stepping back with one leg and bending at the knee with your front leg. Lift your arms and reach for the sky, holding the lunge a few seconds before propelling yourself upward and jumping up to land on both feet. Repeat this 10 times with each leg.

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