Don’t Let Your Abs Go To Flab Because It’s Winter


Many people gain weight during the winter, particularly in colder climes. This may have something to do with a residual effect leftover from early time when food was scarcer during the winter that makes you hungrier. It may also have something to do with the fact that less revealing clothing means that the curves will stay tucked out of sight until the warmer months. In any event, keeping up on your abs through the winter months will save you from having to lose the weight come spring – and may be beneficial to your health.

Consistently Work Out Abs

In places where the winters are unpredictable, it may be necessary to anticipate changes in routine through the winter. While you may normally get your cardio from running around the block or get your ab works at the gym, you may have to create a back-up plan to work out at home. Doing this will help you to stay fit, keep your energy high, and may even help you to ward off illness.

Prepare for Home Workouts

There are many workout programs online, so you can usually find a good ab workout easily and even do a different one every day of you like. If you would rather have a solid workout that you know you like handy, purchase some DVDs and pop them in when the weather is poor. To improve the variety and scope of your workouts, you may wish to procure some weights.

Keep the Eating in Check

The winter can make you want to eat when you are not actually hungry, especially if you are around friends and family that cook hearty, unhealthy meals regularly. Try to keep healthy snacks and meals prepared in advance so that you are not as tempted to indulge in calorie-laden fare through he winter. Don’t forget about your abs because they are tucked away!

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