Dynamic Stretches To Do Before Skiing


Skiing is a fun sport that can really get the blood pumping and help you enjoy life to the fullest. Skiing can help you to appreciate the cold weather in a way that not many other activities can. However, if you don’t warm up and stretch properly before skiing, your potential for injury is much higher. Skiing challenges every part of the body, so it is important to warm up all of the joints and muscles before hitting the slopes.

Start Small and Simple

Start with small stretches that wake up the various parts of your body. Do ankle rolls by pulling your heel up and rolling each foot all the way around. Roll your knees around in a circle using your hands. Roll your head around in a circle loosely to loosen up your neck. Swing your hips from side to side. Roll your shoulders to loosen those up, too.

Move Up to the Bigger Stretches

After you have worked to wake up the smaller joints and muscles, move onto the larger movements. Do spinal twists while sitting down. Do side bends to open up the abs, hit the arms, and involve the hips. Do sun salutes by touching your toes and then rolling your spine all the way up to the top, reaching your arms out to the sides and then up over your head as you reach the top.

Work In Some Exercise Stretches

Squats are a great example of a move that is both a stretch and an exercise. Also work in some toe jumps and skater jumps to help prepare your legs for the movement on the slopes. Push-ups may help to warm your arms, shoulders, and core so that you are prepared for the controlled descent. A light jog may also help to get you ready.

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