“Feel the Burn” Thigh Workout


Lean and shapely thighs are gifted to a lucky few by virtue of genetics. The rest of us have to feel the burn and work towards better tone. Here’s a thigh workout that focuses on a trio of exercise which will leave you weak in the knees!

Wall Squat

This exercise can be performed with or without the use of an exercise ball. If you’ve got one, use it! If not, that’s no excuse – go for it anyway!

Find any old wall. If you have an exercise ball, pin it between your back and the wall. This may take a bit of practice.

Now slowly lower down into a sitting position, your back either against the exercise ball or against the wall. Your legs should form a right angle at the knee. Leave your arms at your sides.

Don’t feel a burn in your thighs? Give it about 40 seconds.

Leg Circle

Find an exercise mat.

Now lay down on the ground, hands by sides.

Lift your right leg straight up, making sure your left remains fully straight and on the floor.

Keeping your toes pointed, find a spot above you on the ceiling.

Keeping your hips on the ground, use the toes of your right foot to make ten small circles. Now reverse your foots direction and do ten more. Switch sides and repeat.

Toe Squats

Stand on your tip toes with your legs slightly apart.

Now drop halfway down into a squat. Hold for one breath, then push back up to a standing position.

During the entirety of the half squat, remain on your toes. Consciously think about keeping your thighs tight, as if you’re squeezing them towards each other. Aim for twenty reps.

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