Flutter Kicks for Tighter Abs


If you don’t work out your abs when you go to the gym, you’re cheating yourself out of some high-intensity training. You’re also limiting your odds of ever sporting the much-coveted six-pack. There are a ton of different abdominal exercises out there, and many of them will make you really feel the burn. Today we’re looking at flutter kicks. The nice part about flutter kicks is that they’re fun to do – at least until the last couple of reps that is. Plus, flutter kicks require that you engage your quads, hamstrings and especially hip flexors in addition to your abs. This makes them a more comprehensive exercise than your average crunch.

How to do Flutter Kicks

Start out by lying down on your back on a mat. Feels nice, huh? That’s all about to change.

Place your hands alongside your body- really snug them up close to your butt.

Now lift your legs a few inches off of the ground, making sure that they stay straight. This is your starting position.

Keeping your right leg hovering off of the ground, bring your left up to a forty five degree angle, than bring it back down to its starting position. As you’re lowering your left leg, repeat the leg lift using your right leg.

Pretend like you’re doing flutter kicks in the pool – keep your toes pointed as this will help you to keep everything tight and get the largest amount of benefit out of your workout.

Aim for forty or fifty flutter kicks your first time – less is fine too. The important part is finding the amount of flutter kicks that will get your blood pumping without tiring you to a point where your forms slips and you risk injury. As you get stronger, increase your kick speed and consider using a time interval instead of reps to measure your progress.

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