Free Fitness Videos Help You Get in Shape


Workout programs and gym memberships are the go-to purchases to help people get in shape. Gym memberships are great and can be especially helpful if you have a workout buddy or group that you regularly attend with. Workout programs can be great for getting in shape, but can be costly and may end up sitting in the box as you procrastinate. Simply making a purchase having to do with fitness can give you an undue sense of accomplishment that can actually prevent you from having to make a real effort in order to feel good. Instead of trying to buy your fitness, take a look at some free resources.

If you want to get some ideas for fitness, but have the discipline needed to follow through on your own, is a great resource for you. The site has videos that are less than two minutes long that show you a variety of exercises that will help you tone your core, legs, back, butt, and arms. There are even videos that are geared towards working out while pregnant, show you how the celebrities work out, and help you burn fat. In addition to these helpful videos, you can also find info on healthy eating and other healthy behaviors.

Jillian Michaels Training Videos

If you want to be in tip-top shape in no time, Jillian Michaels can help you get there. You can find her intense 30-60 minute videos on YouTube. Her videos are circuits, so you will usually work your whole body in each workout session. There are a few that target abs, however. If you want to yoga, kick box, or weight train, she can help you out there, too. These workouts with get your heart pumping and have you sweating in no time, so be prepared to really work.

Why spend the money when you can take advantage of these kinds of resources for free?

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