Fun Beach Workouts

downloadThe beach is absolutely the perfect place to lay around and do nothing in the summer. But as you lay there, looking around at all of those beautiful beach bodies, you might just find yourself motivated to get up and get some exercise. And if you do that, you’re likely to find that the beach is also a wonderful place to do a fun and challenging workout. In fact, if you’re on vacation with your family or friends this summer and you’re missing your gym but you’re close to the water, think of your nearby beach as the most gorgeous gym in the world and use the sand and surf to help you get in a killer workout.


Of course, running on the beach is a fantastic way to start. Running on sand is so much more challenging than running on pavement and your legs and lungs will definitely feel the difference – and quickly. You can warm up with a jog down the beach, enjoying the early morning sun and some peace, and then kick things up a bit with a few sprints. Once you’re good and warmed up, assuming you’re still standing after sand sprints, it’s time to hit the dirt…er, sand. Push-ups, sit-ups, planks, lunges and jump squats are all terrific to do on a yoga mat in the sand. And if you’re feeling hot and sweaty you can always cool off while you get your workout on with some water relay runs. Run down into the surf and squat down into the water, enough to immerse your head. Then push off the bottom, jump up and run back up onto the sand to a marked spot. Do this a few times and you’ll definitely feel like you earned your leisure time.

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