Get It Done in 20 Minutes

downloadHigh intensity interval training has become so popular you simply can’t go into any gym to check out any fitness website or magazine without being bombarded by an endless variety of interval workouts. To give you an idea of how quickly this type of interval training has grown in popularity, just a year ago in 2013 the American Council on Exercise released a list of the most popular workouts, and high intensity interval training programs weren’t even included with the top 20 on that list. But what a difference a year makes. Now everyone is jumping on this trend, and with good reason. Interval training, which switches up exercises and blends high intensity moves with low intensity moves and periods of rest, is fun, super effective and, perhaps best of all, it can be done in a very short amount of time.


Unless you’re among the most dedicated of fitness buffs, one of your most common complaints is probably that you don’t have enough time to dedicate to working out each and every day. A long workout on a weekend is great and feels wonderful, but on those busy work days when you’re exhausted by the time you get into the gym at 8 o’clock at night, you want something short and effective. With high intensity interval training you can get in a wonderful workout in just 20 minutes. Along with strength training moves such as lunges and squats, you need to be sure and throw in some running, climbing, biking or jumping rope to kick up your heart rate and burn as much as possible in that short interval. For inspiration, you can check out all sorts of high intensity interval training online or through your trainer.

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