Get to Know the Heavy Bag

download (2)If you want to burn off some calories and increase your heart rate for a little while, I suppose any old cardio routine will do. But, if you’re looking for a heavy duty workout that helps you truly work up a sweat while you get stronger AND work out all of your aggression, the heavy bag is definitely the way to go. The heavy bag is the long punching bag that weighs anywhere between 50 and 100 pounds, with the 75-pound bag being the most popular. Getting to know the heavy bag opens up a bunch of possibilities for a killer, rewarding workout that blends the elements of boxing, kickboxing and even martial arts.


Getting to Know the Bag

One of the very best things about the heavy bag is that it’s suspended from the ceiling and will move when it’s struck with enough force. So, even though it’s really heavy and provides tons of resistance against your punches and kicks, the bag will sway and circle when hit hard enough. That means, that just like when you’re boxing a real opponent, if you hit the bag hard it will move and swing and you will have to literally stay on your toes to stay out of its way. Perfecting this dance with the bag will help kick up the cardio in your heavy bag workout.


Learn Proper Technique

Whether you plan on using the heavy bag at your local gym or you’re going to invest in one of your very own, it’s of paramount importance that you learn the proper way to use it. Hauling off and punching or kicking a bag like this with your bare hand or foot is a sure way to end up with a broken finger or toe, or at best a badly bruised appendage. Take the time to learn the proper punching and kicking technique. You can watch videos, study technique online, but working with a pro is the best way to go. Get a trainer to show you proper form and to correct your movements so you’re working out safely and getting the most our of your heavy bag routine. Before long you’ll be working that bag like a pro yourself.

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