Glide Your Way to Fitness on the Gazelle Edge


The Gazelle Edge is a high performance exercise glider that allows you to get your cardio in and torch calories without impacting your joints. The glider lets you to get your heart rate up using a motion that is similar to cross country skiing, lifting the knees and moving the arms to target many of the major muscles of the body. The Gazelle Edge is ideal for those recovering from an injury or just for anyone that wishes to get a little exercise in at home while watching T.V. At only about $130, this machine is great for anyone that wants to work a little more exercise into their day without breaking the bank paying for equipment.

Quality and Safety

The range of motion goes from a slow walk to a run with no sudden stops or jerky motions. The foot platforms are extra wide and have foot grips for safety. The handlebars are durable, high-density foam that will make your workout comfortable as well as vigorous. The base is made of solid steel, so this machine will last a while.

Easy to Use and Store

The Gazelle Edge comes with a computer and a small readout that is easy to use and understand. The display shows speed, distance, time, and approximate calories burned. The split suspension allows for freedom of movement and a full range of motion. When you are not using the Gazelle Edge, the thin framed design makes it very easy to fold up and store underneath the bed or behind the couch. The Gazelle Edge is also very easy to assemble and quiet to use, so you will not disturb your family or neighbors. All in all, a great and inexpensive machine.

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